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Auto Repair Shop in Prineville, Oregon

Car Tune-up


Allow our team to provide you with exceptional results on all of your spark plug, filter, and fuel injection service needs. We provide routine maintenance for vehicles and regular services such as oil changes and engine light checks. Our tune up services are also for those who have rough idling, lack of power or poor mileage issues.

Vehicle Service Mechanic

Engine Maintenance 

When you find that you are in need of engine maintenance, we are the team for you. We offer a variety of services that include timing belt replacements, water pumps, leaking gaskets and computer diagnosis. With our computer diagnosis technology, we can provide you with honest answers to your engine repair needs. Our team can rebuild engines, as well as transmission replacements.

Off-Road Cars

4-Wheel Drive Specialist

Do you own a vehicle that is 4-wheel drive and in need of servicing? We offer a variety of options that include lift kits, transform case, and driveline service. These repairs and modifications offer light upgrades to increase the value and efficiency of your 4-wheel vehicle. Signs that your 4-wheel is in need of repair are excessive noise, vibrations, and leaks.

About Bear Auto Repair LLC

With over 100 years of combined services, we guarantee to provide you and your vehicle with the most trusted results. Our team at Bear Auto Repair LLC offers residents of Prineville and neighboring cities with the most incredible result on all of their car repairs and radiator services. When you are looking for a dependable shop to provide you with the best result, call us today for the best results. We utilize the highest technology and equipment to provide you with honest solutions to your vehicle’s issues.

Allow our experts at Bear Auto Repair LLC to equip you with the most outstanding results on all of your transmission, engine, and brake repair needs. All work that we provide you with will be backed by our 2-year warranty. We are proud to work on all size vehicles that include cars, trucks as well as SUVs to meet your specific needs. Rest assured when you choose Bear Auto Repair LLC as your leading automotive repair shop, you will never be disappointed. Speak with us today at (541) 582-7798 to learn more about our incredible results.

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Electrical Systems and Transmissions

As the owner of a newer vehicle, these automobiles rely more and more on electrical systems to function and operate properly. We can provide you with electrical system diagnosis with our new technology, to provide you with honest and dependable solutions. Whether you are in need of alternator and starter replacements or common issues like dead batteries and burning smells; we have the solutions to meet your needs.

We also offer exceptional results on transmission repair services. When you are looking for a transmission shop that is will provide you with dependable and affordable solutions, Bear Auto Repair LLC is your team. Whether you acquire clutch replacement or manual repairs, we have the solutions for fast results. Common signs that show you may be in need of transmission repair include clunking or humming noises, fluid smells, grinding, or slipping gears. Speak with us right away for the most exceptional results.

Transmission Mechanic

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