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Transmission Repair and Vehicle Diagnostics in Prineville, Oregon

When you are looking for an honest company to provide you with the most outstanding result for your automotive repair needs, choose Bear Auto Repair LLC. If you are living in the Prineville area allow our expert mechanics to provide you with the most honest and dependable solutions to your transmission, engine, and brake repair needs. With our variety of skills and tools, there isn't much we can't do. Our auto repair shop offers clients with the best results on car repair, radiator flushes, and other routine maintenance services.

Allow our unsurpassed mechanics to provide you with the best results, that will exceed your expectations. We offer each of our customer with a 2-year warranty on all services that we provide. Our team also offers free estimates on all of our work and guarantee the best results. When you find yourself in search of honest and reliable automotive repair, choose our team for dependable results.

Vehicle Maintenance


If you are in need of tune up services, choose our mechanics for the best answers to your problems. We provide common tuneups that include oil changes, spark plug replacements, and fuel injection services. If you are experiencing issues like rough idling, lack of power, or poor mileage rest assure our tune up services are just what you need.

Engine Repair

When you find that your engine is suffering from water pump issues, leaking gasket or is in need of timing belt replacements, we have the solutions for you. Our team offers computer diagnostics to uncover your engine repair needs, for honest and dependable solutions. We also offer engine repairs and engine rebuilds to meet your vehicle’s specific needs.

Engine Repair Mechanic
Off Road Vehicle Service

4-Wheel Drive

Do you own a 4-wheel drive vehicle that acquires repairs and maintenance? Whether you desire a new lift kit, transform case, driveline service or other modifications, we have the solutions to exceed your expectations. Signs that your 4-wheel drive is in need of repair include gear leaks, failures, unusual vibrations and switching between gears.


When you are in need of radiator replacements, rest assured our mechanics will equip you with the best results. We can help prevent your vehicle from overheating, and put an end to coolant leaks. We can provide you with radiator repairs or complete radiators replacements depending on the needs of your radiator and the extent of the damage.

Car Service Mechanic
Automotive Electrical Mechanic

Electrical Systems

With newer vehicles, electrical systems are becoming more of a necessity to maintain the quality and good standing of your vehicle. With our high-tech computer diagnostic systems, we can provide your home with the most exceptional results. Allow our technology to provide you electrical system with fast and honest solutions to your problems.

Transmission Replacement

Many clients seek our services when they are in need of transmission replacement services. When you find that your vehicle is in need of clutch replacement or manual repairs, we have the tools and knowledge to get the job done. Signs your may be in need of transmission replacement include burning smells, clutch dragging, or delay between gears.

Auto Transmission Mechanic
Brake Repair

Brakes and Shocks

As the owner of a vehicle, it is critical that you maintain the quality of your brakes and shocks. With brake failure, you run the risk of auto collision and accidents. Allow our experts to replace your rotors, worn brake pads, or leaking shocks for the smoothest ride possible. If you are experiencing intense vibrations when you come to a stop or loud squealing, you may be in need of urgent brake repair services.

Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

Some of the most common signs that show a vehicle owner is in need of a muffler or exhaust repairs are increased volume when the engine is running, as well as a rattling exhaust when stopped. Other issues may include a vibrating engine or insufficient fuel mileage. We perform fast and affordable muffler and exhaust system repairs to exceed your expectations.

Exhaust Installation

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